Friday, March 18, 2016


Usually during an election year I have the opportunity to point out from the pulpit that we need to elect a pro-life president because the new president may have the opportunity to appoint a Supreme Court Justice. We should be reminded of two things:
1. Supreme Court justices make decisions that literally mean life or death to innocent human beings.
2. Supreme Court justices are appointed to the bench for the rest of their lives.
Electing a pro-life president this year is even more important. The way things look now, the new president WILL appoint a justice to the Supreme Court very early in his or her term to fill the current vacancy. Moreover, at the time the new president takes office, four justices will be over the age of 82.
In the coming months and years, the Supreme Court will decide constitutionality to numerous pro-life laws that have recently been passed. Many of their decisions will mean life or death for the innocent.